Given the necessarily limited scope of our investigation, we focused on the high rise building itself.  We spent much of our effort in establishing that the double walled system   would be both energy efficient and easily operable. It is necessary to know this     conclusively otherwise the premise for the project would be unfounded. Through our investigation we have concluded that the system does provide the basis for an ecological residential high rise. To be effective however necessitates abiding by certain strict guidelines and operating by keeping those concerns paramount. Within this structure there is still great potential for innovative and enjoyable spaces.
An equally important issue that we did not investigate, is the context in which the high rise is placed. From the beginning, discussions of sustainable community life included ideas of how to make the tower connect to the ground.  There was a consensus that low rise structures and small scale commerce need to be successfully integrated to avoid the fate of the isolated, barren high rise which has been seen so often in the past. The site calculations show that a large amount of open space is need between towers to allow sufficient light and air to reach each building. This building must be carefully integrated into this open space which in turn must become integrated into the larger city infrastructure.


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